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The Guardiola House (1880) is a true work of art, a reference in the Sevillian style and therefore is studied in universities.

It was built in the middle of the Sevillian romanticism movement, although according to historians, it was the trigger of Sevillian regionalism or historicism; a movement that would have its splendor 50 years later with the Expo of 1929.

Casa Guardiola


Patio columnas

Patio apeadero

Dining room


In our facilities we can accommodate 186 people in the same contiguous and covered space.

We could accommodate up to 285 people in the case of adding the front rooms, patio lounge and dining room.

If the characteristics of the event allow a cocktail type service, using all the spaces on the first floor we can accommodate up to 300 people.


Puerta de Jerez, 5, Sevilla 41001
Tfno: 650 112 853

Puerta de Jerez

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Puerta de Jerez, 5, Sevilla 41001
Tfno: 650 112 853

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