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The Guardiola House, constructed in 1880, stands as a masterpiece and a benchmark in Sevillian architecture, making it a subject of study at universities.

Built during the height of the Sevillian Romanticism movement, it was revolutionary in its approach. Not only was it one of the most comprehensive private examples of Sevillian eclecticism from the 19th century, but it also incorporated elements that would later form the foundation of Sevillian regionalist architecture. This architectural style would reach its zenith fifty years later, prominently featured in the 1929 Seville Expo.

Casa Guardiola
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The courtyard houses the ancient Cross of the Inquisition, over 400 years old. This cross was replaced by a newer one that better aligns with the Plateresque style of the Town Hall. It serves as a commemoration of the last act of faith conducted by the Inquisition.

Andrés Parladé y Sánchez de Quirós, the Count of Aguiar, a painter, politician, and archaeologist, commissioned the construction of the house. He was the great-uncle of the renowned interior designer Jaime Parladé.

The Count of Aguiar was a multifaceted artist who also engaged in painting, though his works were seldom exhibited publicly. His financial status enabled him to pursue painting as a hobby, resulting in a limited clientele and a lack of urgency to display his works in museums. Despite this, some of his artworks are currently housed in prestigious institutions such as the Museo del Prado, the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and the Museo de Bellas Artes in Seville.

The design of the house reflects the personal taste and aesthetic vision of its owner. Holding significant political roles such as the senator of Seville and the Director of the Italica excavations, he infused the house with historical treasures. This includes the authentic cross of the Inquisition, adding to the grandeur of its colonnaded courtyard.

The culture of the 19th century was eclectic, leading to an art style that combined elements from various movements to create hybrid compositions.

During the construction of the house, new materials such as metal structures and supports were introduced. Additionally, traditional materials were utilized, always ensuring top quality: from the wood in the coffered ceilings to that in the floors and fireplaces. All wood was imported, whether it be Indian wood or species native to their regions, like pine from Flanders or Canada. The use of luxurious materials extended to the marble floors and columns, as well as the natural silk damask fabrics adorning the walls. Even in the service areas, the exposed brick was a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and quality.

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The spectacular colonnaded courtyard full of arcades with an eclectic and unique style.

Casa Guardiola D. Salvador Guardiola

Photograph from the 1950s showing Don Salvador Guardiola Fantoni in the courtyard with his grandchildren, observing a cow being milked

Following the Count’s demise and his passing without any descendants, his widow listed their house for sale. Doña María Luisa Domínguez, who had long admired the house during her walks past it, saw it purchased by her husband, Don Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, a businessman, cattleman, and farmer. They moved into the house with their fifteen children.

Currently, the residence is managed by the descendants of this couple. They have renovated and equipped it with modern necessities, transforming it into a venue suitable for hosting events. This includes installing new bathrooms, a dedicated catering area, a soundproof dance room, and a museum room showcasing the historical harnesses of the era.

In addition to its rich history and aesthetic appeal, the house’s prime location in the historic center of Seville is notable. It is conveniently situated near cab stands, metro and streetcar lines, and public parking, enhancing its accessibility and charm.

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