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The Guardiola Palace House (1880) is a true work of art, a reference in the Sevillian style and therefore is studied in universities.

It was built in the middle of Sevillian romanticism movement, but it was a revolution because besides being the most complete private works of Sevillian eclecticism of the nineteenth century, it was anticipated with elements that would be the basis of Sevillian regionalist architecture; a movement that would have its splendor 50 years later with the Expo of 29.

Casa Guardiola
Casa Palacio Guardiola Sevilla Eventos Bodas

The courtyard contains the old Cross of the Inquisition, which is more than 400 years old and was replaced by a more modern and more in keeping with the Plateresque style of the Town Hall. This cross commemorates the celebration of the last act of faith celebrated by the Inquisition.

Andrés Parladé y Sánchez de Quirós, Count of Aguiar, painter, politician and archaeologist, was the one who had it built (great-uncle of the famous interior designer Jaime Parladé).

The Count of Aguiar was quite an artist, and also painted, although they were rarely exhibited to the public. His financial means allowed him to paint as a hobby, so his clientele was very small and he was not obsessed with exhibiting in museums. Although there are currently works of his in the Museo del Prado and the Musée d’Orsay, Paris and the Museo de Bellas Artes in Seville.

The design of the house is due to the taste and aesthetic direction of its owner who, holding political positions as senator of Seville or Director of the excavations of Italica, was able to provide the house with historical jewels, apart from the majesty of its colonnaded courtyard, such as the authentic cross of the Inquisition.

The culture of the XIX century was eclectic and as such, its art was based on mixing elements of all styles to produce hybrid compositions.

In the construction of the house new materials were introduced such as metal structures and supports and others of yesteryear were used, but always with top quality materials: from the wood of the coffered ceilings, to the wood of the floors and fireplaces. All imported wood from India, or from its place of origin, whether it is pine from Flanders, Canada… Even the marble floors and columns or the natural silk damask fabrics lining the walls, and even the exposed brick in the service area.

Casa Palacio eventos sevilla

The spectacular colonnaded courtyard full of arcades with an eclectic and unique style.

Casa Guardiola D. Salvador Guardiola

Photograph of the 50’s where we can see D. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni in the courtyard with his grandchildren watching a cow being milked.

Tras la muerte del Conde y al morir éste sin descendencia, su viuda puso en venta la casa. Doña Mª Luisa Domínguez que solía pasar por delante, siempre había estado enamorada de ella y fue adquirida por su marido D. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, empresario, ganadero y agricultor a donde se trasladaron a vivir junto con sus 16 hijos.

Actualmente es regentada por los herederos de este matrimonio, que la han reformado y dotado de las necesidades adecuándola para dar eventos: nuevos cuartos de baño, zona habilitada para el cátering, cuarto insonorizado para el baile, estancia museo con los arreos antiguos de la época…

A parte de su historia y belleza, no podemos olvidar su perfecta ubicación en pleno centro histórico de Sevilla, comunicada con paradas de taxi, metro y tranvía, así como parking público.After the death of the Count and his death without descendants, his widow put the house up for sale. Doña Mª Luisa Domínguez, who used to pass in front of the house, had always been in love with it and it was acquired by her husband D. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, businessman, cattleman and farmer, where they moved to live with their 16 children.


It is currently run by the heirs of this marriage, who have renovated and equipped it with the necessities, adapting it for events: new bathrooms, a new area for catering, a soundproof room for dancing, a museum room with the old harnesses of the time…


Apart from its history and beauty, we can not forget its perfect location in the historic center of Seville, connected with cab ranks, metro and streetcar, as well as public parking.

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